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Ad#: 10847
10' x 10', 10' x 20', 20' x 20'
Missoula, Montana

This is a sleek, circular booth that makes good use of the available floor space. It allows for two meeting tables, each comfortably seating four but can accommodate up to six people (tables and chairs are not included). There are four podiums with internal storage space. The podiums also serve as a counter where staff can sit on bar height stools while waiting to receive show attendees. Two of the podiums are designed to fit up against the booth frame where you can mount a TV monitor. The rest of the vertical booth frame supports double as literature racks. 

All the graphics except the large, square one in the center of the booth, are 1/4" PVC plastic.

It's a relatively easy booth to set up (4 hours with 2 laborers).I last used this booth in 2016. Before then, we ordered spare replacement parts (like screws) so there's plenty of extras in case you loose or break something. . We opted to use stick-on, battery powered puck lights to save time and money during booth set up.

Description from manufacturers website:

There are many counter options and literature racks available for this product. This display can also be reconfigured to fit into a 10 x 20 and 10 x 10 display. Extra pieces are required for the 10 x 20 conversion. 

  • Four counters
  • Two overhead rings
  • Six literature shelves
  • Two monitor mounts (monitor not included)
  • Various counter, kiosk, and literature rack options are available. .
  • Can be converted into a 10x10 and 10x20 display. Converting to 10x20 requires additional purchase.
  • Height: Tallest height is 126” for the center header
  • Weight: 700 pounds
  • Shipping size: 7 Standard cases. Each case is 50" x 28" x 10"
  • Shipping weight: 938 lbs
Only: $7,950
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