Services for Trade Show Exhibitors takes the worry about of purchasing a used trade show booth with our wide range of support services. We can provide assistance with everything from selecting a used trade show booth that will meet your marketing requirements, re-branding it with your company’s logos and graphics, transporting it to where you need it, and even installing and dismantling your booth at your trade show events.



Rebranding is the process of transforming a pre-owned trade show booth into one that perfectly represents your company and displays your own unique marketing message. We can help you every step of the way. The process is the same as when purchasing a new custom trade show booth from the manufacturer. You would need to have images, logos, signage and other artwork prepared and sent to the manufacturer. It’s the same when rebranding a used booth. The difference is that the layout and dimensions of the booth are already determined. So all you need to do is get the measurements of each surface (we can help), find a designer (we can help), prepare your artwork (we can help), choose the material to print on (we can help), select a good printer (we can help), replace the current artwork with your own (we can help), and you’re all done! Hey, did we mention we can help?


We simplify the process of transporting your booth to the location of your choice with reliable, low cost trucking services. At, we know the special requirements for transporting booths all the way down to the tiniest details, including the size of the truck and tailgate needed to get the components and cases into the truck. We can save you from making costly errors. Best of all, we’re always available with solutions, so you won’t be delayed because of logistical problems.

Sales Assistance makes it easy for trade show booth buyers and sellers to quickly complete their sales transaction. As a seller, you won’t need to run to the phone and answer questions from potential buyers. And buyers appreciate that we are always here with all the information a buyer needs – not just about one particular used booth, but about all the booths we have listed. Please call us with any questions you have. We know the trade show industry. Whether you are just browsing our listings and wondering if a used booth is right for your company, or you have questions about a specific used booth, give us a call. We’re here to help! Just call 800-354-2111.

Install & Dismantle

If you’re new to exhibiting at trade shows, you may be unaware of the procedures for actually getting your used booth onto the trade show floor and having it installed. can assist you with getting your booth to right spot, hooking it up to power and setting it up properly. Just let us know where your show is located, and we can provide experience professionals guaranteed to get your exhibit off to a good start – and dismantle, pack and transport your used booth back to your warehouse at the end of the show.

Exhibitors Rely on is trusted by trade show industry professionals for dependable, affordable service. We don’t like surprises any more than you do. We know what to expect, and we have over 25 years of experience to handle the unexpected. And because we understand the specialized needs of trade show exhibitors, we can help ensure your next exhibit will be a successful one. Whatever you’re looking for, from graphics and printing to shipping and setup, we’re here to help.