How it works

The Fast and Easy Way to Buy and Sell Used Trade Show Booths is designed to meet the specific requirements of buyers and sellers of used trade show booths. We provide a free marketplace for sellers to offer their equipment, and a huge selection for shoppers to choose from. Here’s how it works.


Post Your Ad for Free has more listings for used and pre-owned booths than any other source. That’s because we do not charge to post listings for used booths. There are no hidden costs or sales fees, and absolutely no contracts. And we help you to ensure that your listing is accurate and complete, so all of the critical data is there for potential buyers to quickly make well informed decisions.

Shop The Listings

Take a look and you’ll see. New and experienced exhibitors have all of the information they need to make a purchase at, with thousands of booths, counters, kiosks and accessories available for purchase. With so much to offer, listings change quickly. And we’re here to answer any questions about the booths listed, so buyers get answers quickly, and sellers can get busy preparing for their next show.

Sellers Get Paid

Perhaps the best reason of all to buy and sell on is that we help facilitate the transaction. We help arrange payment to the seller and delivery to the buyer. Everybody is in a hurry, so we ensure that arrangements are handled promptly, the seller is paid and the buyer receives the used booth in time to meet show deadlines. We do the work, so buyers and sellers are not spending hours trying to contact each other and figure out what to do. With 25 years of industry experience, we know what to do!

We Provide Services

We offer many valuable support services to buyers and sellers, everything related to trade shows such as transportation, storage, installation, disassembly and of course, rebranding. Purchasing a used trade show booth is just the first step for the buyer. You’ll need to transform your booth into one that effectively conveys your company’s unique message. We can help you do that with top quality design and printing solutions.


We’re here for both the buyers and the sellers. makes it possible for organizations of every size to save thousands of dollars on trade show costs with affordable used booths. And we also help exhibitors recover thousands of dollars on their trade show investment when it comes time to sell their booths. In fact, many sellers also shop when it comes time to replace or upgrade their booths, and the buyers of used trade show booths come back and resell their exhibits on when they are finished with them. truly makes posting, shopping and rebranding used booths a win/win for everyone involved.