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Used Booths is the leading online marketplace for used and pre-owned trade show exhibits, including used linear booths, double deck booths, island booths, counters and kiosks. Used Booths is the only place where exhibitors can offer their used trade show booths with a totally free ad, complete with detailed specifications, asking price and photos. Best of all, our free ads on are the fastest, most efficient way for exhibitors to sell their used booths and recover a portion of their trade show expenses. That’s because we make it easy for buyers to shop and purchase a used exhibit with a full range of support services from rebranding and transportation to installation and dismantling on the trade show floor.


Since 1990, Used Booths has been helping exhibitors save money. A lot of money. Your used island booth, linear booth or used double deck booth that you currently have taking up space in your warehouse could be a valuable promotional asset for other exhibitors. They can buy it from you for thousands of dollars less than a new booth would cost. You win and the buyer wins when you post your free ad on and sell your used exhibit.


What we have found in working with trade show exhibitors is that over time, buyers become sellers and sellers become buyers. We have worked with many organizations who purchase a used booth, rebrand it and use it successfully to promote their products and businesses. As their companies grow, and their requirements change, they come back to to resell the used booth they originally purchased. And then they turn around and buy another one!


We are able to support both the buyers and sellers because Used Booths offers such an extensive range of trade show services. We can help you with anything related to trade shows. Rebranding is one of our specialties. We can even help you estimate the cost of rebranding your used booth before you buy it. After that, we have help you with transporting your exhibit to your trade show, and having it professionally installed and dismantle at the end of the show. You will not find that level of assistance anywhere else.


The Leader Since 1990


We are here to help make your next trade show a big success - regardless of the size of your marketing budget, they type of exhibit you need or the location of your show, domestic or international. Used Booths is here to ensure that your exhibit is the right one for your promotional requirements. We know you have questions! So contact us and we will be glad to help.