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Ad#: 9531
10' x 10', 10' x 20', 10' x 30'
Kansas City, Kansas

Skyline Inliten 10 x 20 Booth that can be expanded into a 10 x 30 space with some creativitity.  

Over the past 8 years we have purchased additional pieces and parts to expand the capabilities of the display.  Unless you are familiar with the inliten dislpay these won't mean much to you.  We have easily invested over $40,000 into the display over the years.

Some of the towers do show some wear, and a couple have been slightly bent during shipping.  That said the booth still goes up like a charm and once put together you would never know how old it was.  

Included in the package:

12 Towers ( 92" Tall) Each Tower consists of two 46" sections.

16  23" x 46" Slat Wall Panels (Gray on one side and Black on the other side)

38 C Clamps (used to fasten/attach the Slat Wall Panels to the towers)

8 46" Flat Crosspiece sections

4 46" Flat  Wired Crosspiece Sections

30 23" Flat Crosspiece Sections

32 (Extra) Leveling Feet (in addition to the leveling feet on the towers)

11 (Extra) Straight Connectors ( in addition to what is needed to create 12 towers.  

55 L Connectors

36 Connector Blocks (untheaded) and Bolts

8 adjustable angle bracket assemlies

2 Shelf Standards

Platinum Gap Fill Panels

1 Captains Table with 2 Directors Chairs.  Table is 35"  across and 41" high

Booth Comes with 2 large rolling containers that will hold most of the above pieces and parts.

Additional items included:

Carpet in 24" squares to make a 10 x 20 booth

4 23 x 46 metal panels to display magnetic items  (not skyline item)

Slat Wall hooks (over 400 hooks)

Acrylic pockets for slatwall

And even more odds and ends that I cannot even describe.

Only: $6,495
Listed By:
Harvey Metz
310 372 8463
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