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Rebranding provides all the services you need for rebranding any used booth you choose to promote your company.

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Ad#: 11551
10' x 20'
Los Angeles, California

Modular tradeshow booth consists of 16-individual 3-ft x 8-ft high gloss formica finished panels. These interlocking panels allow you to customize the booth shape and dimensions. The setup includes a door and frame, and 4 corner posts that interlock for a seamless finish. Effortlessly assemble the modular trade show booth to display any merchandise. The booth was used twice and stored in a custom shipping container to maintain its integrity. The signs are interchangeable and can be customized for any trade. The sell price includes the customized shipping container! The original value is over $20K. The trade show furniture as pictured is also available for purchase. 

Only: $8,000
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