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Ad#: 10574
10' x 20'
Columbia, SC

This is a brand-new booth created in the spring of 2018 and used at only two consumer shows and is up for sale as the business has been acquired with no need for shows in the near future.  It’s a tremendous deal on a booth in immaculate condition with no wear and tear and is essentially still brand new.  The cost of the booth and custom crates, etc was $23,041 and the additional items included (iPad stands, prize wheel, and acrylic signage holders, etc) put the total value near $25,000.  Flex Flooring & Shipping container Included.

Below is a list of what’s included.  We have shown photos of the booth setup at a show as well as the design schematic.  Prospective buyers are welcome to view invoices and detailed design drawings w/ specifics on dimensions, etc.  These are available upon request.

  • Custom 10’x20’ backwall with extruded aluminum frame – a very simple and easy to put together system with a very premium looking custom fabric covering to showcase your brand & message
    • Integrated TV mount for a 55” TV monitor - TV not included, but the hardware accepts any configuration of TV, so adding one is no problem
    • Translucent black acrylic shelf - we used this to display a variety of small brochures
    • 2x brand story telling panels - the sections to the right and left of the TV are ideal for telling your unique points of difference or story around your brand or products
    • Integrated display racks w/ translucent black racks - on the far ends we have custom racks for fishing rod/reel combos that can easily have new or retrofitted displays made unique to your business (see section at the bottom about the vendor and recommendation for how to go about doing this)
  • 2x podium type free standing displays – wood with white laminate
    • Lockable storage with shelf underneath for personal belongings, inventory, prizes, etc
    • Translucent black acrylic fishing reel holders – unique to our application but easily changed if it doesn’t fit your needs.  The hardware can be swapped out and any custom solution can be installed in its place.
  • 1x rectangular free standing display – wood with white laminate
    • Translucent black acrylic fishing rod holders – once again, these are held in by two rods from the bottom that could be retrofitted to showcase just about anything
  • 10’x20’ premium grade wood laminate flooring – this REALLY set the booth apart and gave it a very premium look and feel, tying in well with the clean white fixtures
    • Comes in a large plastic carry tote for protection and ease of transport
  • 24 slot prize wheel – a great “show stopper”, pun intended
    • This combined with some giveaways and an iPad helped us collect nearly 2,000 emails at two shows (details on getting new graphics made via the original vendor is below)
  • 2x iPad stands
    • Lockable stands, 1x with the “home” button open, 1x with the “home” button covered (to prevent users from exiting the app we were running)
    • These could be used for anything, but we had one to access the web and the other as a dedicated email/lead collection device coupled with the prize wheel
  • Various tools, extension chords, etc
    • We’ll be sure to throw in some of the necessities, some replacement fasteners to have just in case, and other nice to halves
Only: $6,950
Listed By:
Harvey Metz
310 372 8463
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