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Ad#: 10387
10' x 20', 10' x 30', 20' x 20', 20' x 30'
Denver, CO

Ready to Go Booth Exhibit, just add products and graphics!

This amazing booth exhibit was custom-built in 2011 by a trade show booth builder in Massachusetts. The booth was used only five times at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market when the show was still located in SLC.  The original cost to build it was $70k.

The exhibit was designed for the Apparel, Textile and Retail Market, but is very versatile so it can be used across many markets at a variety of sizes. There are two back walls made up of three separate pieces each. These panels can be used as shown in the images, or could be pieced together in other configurations making the walls shorter or longer to accommodate your needs, including 10’ x 10’, 10’ x 20’, 10' x 30', 20’ x 20’ or 20’ x 30’.

The booth is made from cabinet-grade plywood with a cam-lock system that makes installing and dismantling walls easy and fast.

This booth exhibit is in very good to excellent condition. It ships in four custom-made crates, two skids, two carpets and two paddings.

Exhibit Type:                       Modular

Year Built:                           2011

Original Price:                     $70k

Current Condition:              Excellent

# Times Booth Used:         5

Industry Used In:                Apparel, Textile & Retail

Booth Stored In:                 Denver, Co

Exhibit Size:                       20’ x 30’ maximum

Additional Config #1:         10’ x 20’, 10'x 30, 20’ x 20’

Shipping Costs Pay By:     Buyer

Graphic Applications:        Pillowcase fabric graphics on aluminum tube frames, velcro


& Features:                        See list below

Primary Material:               Cabinet-grade plywood, laminate

Primary Colors:                  Light Maple & Blue

Shipping Container:           Wooden Crates (4), skid (2), carpets (2), paddings (2)


Components & Features:

Backwalls (2) - Approx. 144” W x 96” H

Product kiosks w/ storage compartments (6) - Approx. 36”W x 24”D x 96”H

Reception counter w/ glass top (1) - Approx. 24”W x 16”D x 40” H

Semi-private plexi walls (2) - Approx. 36”W x 96”H

Round hanging sign w/ rotator (1, 2 – excellent visibility) – Approx. 12’ D x 14”H

Tall corner tower graphic frames w/ canvas bags (4 – excellent visibility) – Approx.  5’W x 16’H

Curved graphic frames w/ canvas bags (2 – excellent visibility) – Approx. 14’W x 24”H

Carpet & padding (2 & 2, light gray color) - 20’ x 30’

Designer Halogen Lighting w/ remote control (15)


Slat Wall Fixtures, including (estimated quantities, total value around $600)-

Scarecrow (10)

Waterfall 6 ball (24) / 7 cube (15)

Straight arms 6” (20), 12”(20), 12” thick (20)

Hooks utility (4), 1” (50), 4” (60)

Shelf brackets 10” (4), 12” (4)

22”W x 10” D U-shape hangrail (10)


Acrylic fixtures for brochures and business cards

Wood hanger boxes (2-3 boxes)

Mannequins (4)

Meeting table (1) & chairs (6)

Vacuums (2), Trash cans (2), Step ladder (1), Tool kit (1), Bolt Box (1), Dolly (1)

Other Items


Images may be available of the items above. Please ask.

The original booth exhibit owner will make arrangements to have all OSA branded graphics, supplies and such shipped to them.


Estimated crate size is 48”W x 52”D x 101”H (4 crates)

Estimated skid size if 48”W x 48”D x 60”H (2 skid)

Carpets (2) & padding (2) 20”D x 10’ L

Total estimated weight is 4,475 lbs.

Only: $12,950
Just Reduced From $45,435
Listed By:
Harvey Metz
310 372 8463
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