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Ad#: 11830
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Henderson, NV

Fully Modular Exhibit / Trade Show Wall Panels - Free Standing

The walls are free-standing, modular, and each panel can hold a great deal of weight.  Below you’ll find a layout that shows the technical wall specs.

  • Used one time for an escape room at a conference in Las Vegas
  • Can be used to build an  approx. 2,800 sq ft space
  • Completely modular for any size and configuration (standard square, rectangle, and hexagonal configurations)

Wall Details

  • Wood Construction: Each wall section is approx 3” thick, Wood Framing, Primarily built of 3/8” thick plywood sheets on both sides of the framing. Some special panels are constructed with 3/4” plywood to allow for mounting of objects of up to 100 lbs per panel.
  • Connectors: Roto locks and 1/4” bolts connectors
  • Wire channels : Channels run across the top of each panel to allow for hiding wires. Speakers and cameras can also be mounted on top of the structure in the channels.

• Panels

  • 75 – 4’ x 8’ Sections (Weight of 55 pounds each panel)
  • 10 – 4’ x 8’ Stronger Sections with 3/4” plywood (Weight of 85 pounds each panel)
  • 18 – 4’ x 8’ Door Sections  (Weight of 100 pounds each panel) 36” wide ADA compliant doorways
  • 25 – 2’ x 8’ Sections  (Weight of 30 pounds each panel)
  • 28 – Connectors (some for spacers, some are corner connectors and some are 3 Way connectors)
  • 4 - Overhead Supports - to enable support for extra long stretches of walls
  • Enough Roof Panels to cover two 10' x 14’ sections of the area

Various Pictures & Diagrams of Walls:
Assembly Video:

Only: $41,950
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