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Ad#: 11529
Dallas, TX

Want a trade show booth that has a runway to accommodate fashion shows?  Look no further!  The runway portion includes two private dressing rooms.  The sales area is a u-shaped counter with rails underneath where apparel can be hung.  Can accommodate 4 - 6 reps showing the line to customers at once.  "Skins" on dressing room walls are customizable and changeable.  

Booth and all the components are stored in two crates that have not been opened since August 2019!  They have been stored indoors in an exhibition facility so completely safe and well taken care of.  You may find some of our older catalogs, logo gear, and branded light fixtures once you open the crates.  

We love our fashion show booth but are unable to use it now as our primary trade show has moved to a location that can not accommodate the height of this booth.  

Only: $7,000
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