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Ad#: 10607
Salt Lake City, UT.

We are selling a beautiful modular 20' x 50' island booth that has only been used for four shows, so in this industry, it's practically new. 
This booth will be seen throughout the exhibit hall as it stands out in a crowd with the main sign reaching over 20' above the floor!   

  • Spacious, open and inviting design
  • 12 displays / demo stations (see AV details below)
  • Private 4' x 8.5' Storage Closet
  • Fully-modular design structure, Can be reduce to a 20' x 10', 20' x 20', 20' x 30', 20' x 40', and 20' x 50' layout
  • Easily re-brandable, SEG fabric and Sintra graphics

The scope of the booth was to allow 12 Brands to display their items within our 1,000 sq. ft. footprint in their own Kiosk. The booth also contains a section that is 20' x 10" with all slat-wall (total of 64' linear feet of slat-wall) where hundreds of other items can be displayed with great overhead lighting and amazing organization.

A/V Included:                Qt. 12  |  Samsung 32' LED j5003 Series Smart Professional Displays

Furniture Included:      Qt. 5  |  Metal sitting stools 
                                       Qt. 1  |  Meeting table

Carpet Included:          Qt. 1  | 1,000 sq. ft of carpet 
                                      Qt. 1  | 1,000 sq. ft of padding

Miscellaneous Items:  Qt. 1  |  Upright floor vacuum 
                                       Qt. 1  | Refrigerator

It includes everything you see in the images.

  • Large 4' x 8.5' Storage Closet
  • Refrigerator for waters/drinks during show
  • Floor vacuum 
  • All light fixtures
  • 20' x 50' (1,000 sq. ft.) of carpet and padding
  • Real canoe, skis, snowshoes and etc props. for authentic look
  • 12 - Locking storage cabinets by each kiosk for samples. Each cabinet contains electric for product demos.
  • We will provide complete setup instructions. This booth packs and ships in its own crates and on skids. This price does not include shipping.

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Only: $52,900
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