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Ad#: 11398
20' x 20'
Portland, Oregon

This 20-ft x 20-ft island booth was first used in 2001 and is constructed from plywood, aluminum, and laminate materials. The booth structure incorporates lighting, primary graphics, and two closets with shelving built into the central support column, providing approximately 168 cubic feet of storage space. The other two sides of the central support column house two counters, a mount for a 42” flat screen television, and a lighted product hanging display area made of aluminum extrusion. Literature pockets are attached to each of the four supporting pillars.

The booth contains seven main product display areas, which are configured as three double-sided spokes and one open spoke (for a total of four spokes) around the central pillar. This open spoke could also be converted to a regular double-sided display area simply by creating a fourth divider panel. These spokes can be used to hang products at eye level for visitors using racks of lighted aluminum extrusion rods that can be fitted with a wide variety of hardware to mount and hang equipment.

Primary graphic areas are attached with Velcro strips for easy installation and include:

  • Three double-sided 6mm Sintra board divider panels (used to separate three of the four double-sided spoke displays) sized at 54.25” x 65.5”.
  • Eight single-sided 3mm Sintra board panels (to form the circular ring) sized at 17.5” x 82.313”.
  • Four single-sided 3 mm Sintra board panels (one for each outer pillar column) sized at 18” x 63”.

Layered PhotoShop templates sized for each panel will be provided to the buyer and can be modified by any graphic designer with your images and logo for printing at your local sign shop.

There an iPad tablet mount that can be attached to the central pillar. For those times when you don’t want to use the tablet mount, you can create a 18" x 30" on 3mm Sintra board sign and place it over the mount holes (see images).

Aviator Pinwheel 12’ x 4’ rotating cloth triangular sign is suspended from the convention center ceiling. Replacement fabric covering with your logo can be purchased from the manufacturer.

MOD-1192 Oval Product Display (customized) from Classic Exhibits sized at 33" W x 50" D x 84" H (when used with aluminum extrusion; 30” high without). Contains locking door for storage, 2 lights, 2 small shelves, overhead double-sided sign, large center pedestal and overhead eyebolt system. Laminated with Pionite's "Oiled Cherry" WC421, and custom wood crate, carpeted and jigged.

Only: $10,995
Just Reduced From $65,000
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