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Ad#: 11315
10' x 10', 10' x 20'

This is a beautiful, custom made indoor kiosk that I used for my Crepes & Coffee/food shop inside a mall. The kiosk was only used for 6 months and is in excellent condition.  Valued for $47,0000.00 over 37% discount at $29,400.00. This kiosk is Mall approved! It was made by FINN an industry recognized manufacturer.

It was made to be self standing and self contained in the mall (This means it has its own grease trap; all you need is power, water supply and a drain to make it work).  

The dimensions are 10'x17' and can be found on the kiosk engineering plans attached. Measurements are 10' wide and 17' deep. All cabinet doors have locks. There are shelves in most cabinets. 

All cabinets have power outlets and are labeled, all you would need is to run power to the kiosk's panel 250AMP service.  The "equipment" will not be included or any equipment in the drawings is included but can be purchased separately from me as well.

Ask me for a full package price including equipment. I will personally fly to your location and help you hire a contractor, electrician and plumber to put it together on your final place of business. (You pay for my airfare, lodging and food for 3 days).

What you will get:  All cabinets, counter tops, electrical panel 250 AMP service, outlets in the cabinets, toe kicks and screws, trim pieces, heavy duty swinging doors, bar/seating area, keys for each cabinet, glass surrounds, grease trap.  Again, NO EQUIPMENT IS INCLUDED IN THIS SALE but can be purchased from me separately. Please ask me first before buying equipment because it has to be a specific brand as all cabinets where manufactured to fit exactly the equipment that I have to sell with it.

$29,400 is my asking price.  By purchasing this kiosk at the asking price you will save thousands of dollars over having to pay an MEP Engineer to draw plans, to meet most malls requirements and you will save at least 3 to 4 months of having to wait for construction by purchasing this kiosk.

I can also help you by giving you information where to get your permitting to get your business started. You may Keep the name or have FINN make you a new name medallion for the kiosk. But if you keep the name I can send you all our marketing information and 1500 Crepe holders to get you started.

Email me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

Only: $29,400
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